James Breuhl of Thibodaux, Louisiana Provides Tips for Those Looking to Find The Freshest Foods While Grocery Shopping

James Breuhl Thibodaux Louisiana

James Breuhl of Thibodaux, Louisiana, is the Vice President of Fresh at Rouses Supermarket. Earning that title took years of dedication within the grocery store industry. This experience has taught James Breuhl of Thibodaux, Louisiana, several different pieces of industry insider knowledge. For instance, friends and family always ask James Breuhl of Thibodaux to assist them in their quest to find the freshest produce available at their local stores. Today, James will look to help those who may not have access to a Rouses Supermarket find the freshest produce in their neck of the woods.

One of the savviest ways to ensure access to fresh groceries is to form a relationship with the local grocer or butcher. By talking to the people behind the deli counter or tasked with stocking the shelves, a shopper can gain access to the information they need to shop on the days where new deliveries come through the store. Most friendly grocers will not only share when new shipments come in, but when those new shipments are likely to appear on the shelves of the store.

James Breuhl of Thibodaux, Louisiana always advises those interested in freshness to look up their local farmer’s market schedule. The farmer’s market is a great way to gain access to the freshest meats, cheeses and produce. The sooner a shopper can gather produce from the moment it was pulled from the garden, the more nutrients that fruit or vegetable is likely to possess. If a local farmer’s market only pops up in the spring or summer, it’s worth striking up a conversation with the seller of the produce to see if they attend indoor markets in the winter months. This will allow any shopper to always know at least one reliable source for fresh produce.

There’s a science associated with grocery store design. Those in the industry, like James Breuhl of Thibodaux, will know that grocery stores place all of the freshest ingredients along the perimeter of the grocery store. This is due to refrigeration needs. Fresher ingredients are more likely to be damaged, so this is why they need to be strategically placed. The other thing shoppers can do is look for the expiration or fresh date located on each product they shop for. This is the reason shoppers will frequently see people by the milk inspecting several gallons before placing the milk in their cart.

James Breuhl of Thibodaux, Louisiana, is always proud to support local produce stands. More rural areas will typically have them located on the side of several roads. Again, forming relationships with these outlets can help anyone identify exactly when the freshest produce is likely to be available.

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