James Breuhl of Thibodaux, Louisiana, On The Most Nutrient-Dense Veggies

James Breuhl Thibodaux Louisiana

As the Vice President of Fresh at Rouses Supermarket, James Breuhl of Tibodaux, Louisiana, loves knowing that his job allows people to eat healthier and feel better. In addition to leading people towards the freshest produce based on the season, customers often ask James Breuhl of Tibodaux, Louisiana to recommend vegetables based on their health benefits. When it comes to nutrients, not all vegetables are created equallty. Today, James Breuhl of Tibodaux, Louisiana, will discuss some of the most nutrient-dense vegetables.

Spinach is one of the best vegetables to make part of anyone’s daily diet. Consider that just 30 grams of raw spinach provides nearly 20 percent of a person’s recommended daily vitamin A intake and 120 percent of the recommended vitamin K intake. Those counting calories also love that this single cup of spinach provides these vitamins at just 7 total calories. Spinach is also packed with antioxidants like lutein and beta carotene. James Breuhl of Tibodaux, Louisiana, notes that both of these antioxidants have been linked to decreasing the risk of cancer.

Leafy green vegetables are always a smart option, but they aren’t the only vegetables densely packed with nutrients. James Breuhl of Tibodaux, Louisiana, notes that those looking for vitamin A should turn to carrots first. A single cup of carrots provides more than 100 percent of the recommended daily dose of vitamin A. Carrots also have beta carotene, which is actually credited for providing carrots with their bright orange color. Other nutrients found in carrots include vitamin C, K, and potassium.

While garlic has long been linked to bad breath and keeping vampires at arm’s length, it’s also one of the best medicinal vegetables on the planet. James Breuhl of Tibodaux, Louisiana notes that garlic has been proven to help decrease blood sugar level in the body and increase overall heart health. Multiple studies have also linked garlic to helping decrease blood pressure and help in reducing stomach fat.

James Breuhl of Tibodaux, Louisiana is probably asked about Brussel sprouts more in recent years than any other piece of fresh produce. They are having a culinary moment as they are the main player in many popular recipes. Brussel sprouts are similar to broccoli in that they are categorized as a cruciferous vegetable. Doctors will often recommend increasing Brussel sprout intake for people looking to prevent cell damage as the antioxidant kaempferol can be found in Brussel Sprouts. Brussel sprouts are packed with fiber, which can help with everything from bowel regularity to controlling a person’s blood sugar levels.

The final vegetable James Breuhl of Tibodaux, Louisiana will mention today can bring color, flavor and nutrients to any dinner table. Beets are a root vegetable to comes with few calories, big flavor, and a ton of essential nutrients. Beets are loaded with nitrates, which the body can turn into nitric oxide. Beet juice is often recommended by cardiac doctors as they have been known to lower blood pressure levels and in turn reduce the risk of heart disease.

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